Efficiently Repair AVI Video Files

The short form of the AVI file format is Audio Video Interleave file format. The AVI format has been designed to pile up both audio and video data in a modified package that permits the instantaneous playback of both audio & video files. This file format has been developed by Microsoft Corp. and it is now one of the widely used video formats. Let us consider one scenario, just imagine you was using a program called Easy Screen Capture to capture video from your desktop to be used for a lengthy. It was an hour and a half demonstration. After it was done, you saved the video as an .avi file, but now, after all that work, it looks like the file is corrupt and you can't get the thing to open (you don't know why it got corrupted, but that appears to be the case now).

And it's a huge file too! (You had the settings at the highest quality possible figuring you were always compressing it down later if needed). You’ve never had this problem with smaller video files you’ve made in a similar manner -- ones only a couple of minutes long -- but sure enough, the one time you need to make an extremely long file, you hit this problem. 

When you try to open the file in Windows Media Player, it simply says that it can't prompt you to close the program. And when you try to open it in real player, you get a frozen, but still frame that looks like the frame was shifted over horizontally and vertically so that there's a big black cross going across it. But in real player, it at least accurately lists the length of the video and the scroll bar moves as it tries to play it, but nothing happens.  Now you may seek the help of your friends or from internet but you won’t get any idea, finally you become frustrated. But here is solution to your problem. Give a pad to your back, now there is a way to get back your avi file in to its original state if you learn about file repair tool.

As you know there are numerous complicated settings in all operating systems, it is important to preserve these settings for the proper functioning of programs. When these settings suddenly change the errors and crashes are likely to occur. The Microsoft Word errors have been linked to corruption in the Windows Registry. Registry in Windows is linked to all the programs running in our computers. It stores information about the programs. If it is corrupted then what are the certain things you should do to repair MS Word? For that you need to know about how to fix a word document.

Scenarios in which .avi file will get damaged:

Converting file: If the .avi file are larger in size and when you convert it by using video converter software, if any interruption occurs while converting it then there will be a chance of getting your avi file to be corrupted.

Broken file or damage: There are some chances of getting an error in the file header itself, due to system crash or improper shutting down of PC when .avi file is running in your computer. Once the headers of the avi file get damaged then it won’t work properly.

Infected by virus or malware: If you download .avi file from un-trusted websites then along with file there are more possibilities of getting attack of virus also. In some computers it might have already infected by virus and if you copy any video file from it and if you play in your PC then it won’t work properly and you may get error message.

Precautions to be known:

First, make sure your video file is complete; if you downloaded it
from the Web, try clearing your browser cache and downloading the file again. Always maintain an up-to-date antivirus in the system to ensure that virus attack could be avoided.

Whether you use online storage or another method, backing up your files on a regular basis is the best way to protect your data from any form of loss or degradation. Remove Invalid Internet Explorer Plug-ins - sometimes, "Memory Read/Write Failure" error would also be caused by some invalid plug-ins which is installed automatically when we surf the Internet.

If you are using a Mac operating system and if you want to avoid file corruption problems to be happening in your future then you should learn about how to repair files on Mac.

Features of AVI repair tool:

This software contains the feature of compatibility with OS as it supports both Mac and Windows operating system. Quick repair files also available to repair Microsoft Outlook. It is the only program of its kind that includes a digital signature confirming its true source. This tool is not only available for AVI or Outlook file repair but its MOV version can also repair corrupt MOV files with ease.

It repair AVI files sized over 2GB. This repair AVI file software is actually effective that it could repair .avi files as it contains the advanced features to fix the error and really works well to make file as error free. It helps to fix AVI files failed in recording. This software removes un-important data from AVI file (junk data). By using this software, you can even repair broken DIVX file which is based on AVI container with ease.

Quick repair files app even allows you to repair your corrupt PSD file. Want to know how? then visit the link right here:http://www.quickrepairfiles.com/psd.html

Steps to know how to repair .avi files:

Step 1: Download and install Repair AVI files application software in your PC. To launch the program double click on AVI Icon, In order to repair your .avi file select the particular file from your personal computer, if you don’t know the stored location of your file then click on BROWSE button. Once you find your file to be repaired then click on REPAIR button.

Quick Repair Files - to repair damaged AVI file

Step 2: After that, repair process will take place; soon after it shows description of the repaired files and also you will get two options select according to your choice, as shown in the screenshot.

Quick Repair Files - previewing the description of AVI file after repaired process

Step 3: In order to save your repaired AVI file then choose on SAVE button and select a particular location to.

Quick Repair Files - Saving repaired AVI files